You have entered the shopping site for the Guitar ReRanch. For finishing instructions and more please visit our main site at The Guitar ReRanch . The ReRanch offers finishing supplies and complete instructions that will enable the first time builder as well as the serious restorer the tools to finish a just built guitar or correctly refinish a vintage instrument to a professional standard. Fender and Gibsons have their own sections as do the wood dyes.

We now offer many of the Fender and most of the Guitar ReRanch colors in easy to use touchup pens. If you are ordering a ReRanch aerosol consider also ordering a touchup pen in the same color to repair those dings we all know will happen.

(Please note all our paints are in aerosol cans and due to DOT regulations we cannot ship liquid paint in paint cans).

Be sure to visit our The Guitar ReRanch Refinishing and Restoration Board for more tips.

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